Blog Post #4 – COM0014

The business I chose for this case study is Leroy’s Auto Care, in Elmira, Ontario. They are using social media to connect with their customers, provide them with information about vehicle services and maintenance tips, and share little ‘tidbits’ about the employees of the business. This is an example of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) transactions.  

Leroy’s uses Instagram, Facebook, a blog, and a website to reach their clients. I particularly like how all the posts across each platform are the same; regardless of which customers are using which platform, they’re all getting the same information. This may get a little irritating if one of the customers follows them on multiple platforms because they would see the same thing multiple times, but it’s easily avoidable should anyone be bothered by it.  

There is a great mix of content from Leroy’s; they have lots of information about how their business works and what to expect when you visit them, there are lots of helpful tips (such as what you should keep in your car during the winter), and they post about their employees so you can get to know them better! I also noticed that they respond to every comment on a post; this is a great way to stay engaged with customers and really be tuned in to what they want/need.  

The only thing I would change about the post from this business would be to see more ‘behind the scenes’ photos or videos. I personally love seeing how things work, so having some photos that showcase the process behind the finished product is always fun! Overall, I think Leroy’s does a great job at connecting with customers through social media.  

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