Stuck?  Don’t Know What To Post?

I don’t know how many of you have had this issue but I sure have had mental blocks when I am trying to think of something to post for my organization.

I want it to be relevant and interesting but also catchy enough that they will read and come back to my site for more.  So what can I post if I really don’t have anything I can think of to post that day? 

I went searching for ideas and there are many to be found on the web, like this blog on website called 103 Social Media Post Content Ideas to Increase more Engagement Stacey McLachlan has a great blog on Hootsuite, 29 Creative Social Media Content Ideas You Should Try as well as this blog by Whitney Lemon on, 40 Ideas for Social Media Content A few of the ideas noted I have used in the past and others I will definitely use as I think they will engage people.

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Here are a few of the ideas I found particularly interesting and will be helpful when in need of content:

  • AMA – Ask Me Anything – This format will open up the door for two way dialogue and provides the opportunity to educate the public on your mission and organization.  There are also risks involved as you may get asked questions that are controversial or you may not know how to answer but you can also clear up misconceptions with this format too.
  • “Fill In The Blank” idea.  It could generate some great responses and will make the public a part of your brand by being involved!  I anticipate putting something like “Fill In The Blank – Today I Want To ___________”. 
  • Tips – For me this is where I can offer tips for taxes and donations.  A great helpful post to make people realize donations have more than one benefit – help the organization and can help you at tax time.
  • Safety Tips – Reminders for safety which goes hand in hand with keeping people out of the Emergency Department.
  • Share information on industry statistics.  Information that is relevant and interesting and provides “food for thought” would be a great idea.

    If you are in need of ideas you really don’t have to go far to find them.  There are many sites on the internet dedicated to finding fresh content.  Always be aware that there may be risks involved and to keep in mind what we have learned here in our COMM-0011 course regarding those risks.  With that in mind though I think you can receive some great engagement by trying something different and offering up a new vibe for your social media platform.

Do you have a unique idea for social media content that you would like to share?

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10 thoughts on “Stuck?  Don’t Know What To Post?

  1. Great blog and lots of useful information. I really did not think about ways to engage and keep your readers but this is a very important step. Incredibly there are websites dedicated to this area to ensure your success. I have booked marked these sites! thank you for sharing.

  2. You had some great ideas for content when you’re feeling stuck, I’ll definitely keep these in mind! A social media content idea I can think of is to create infographics! This kind of relates to your ideas of “Tips”, “Safety Tips” and “Industry Statistics”, but one could take those ideas a step further by displaying them in a fun and aesthetically pleasing way! Great post!

  3. Great relevant post for us that’s an easy read, well organized and lot’s of useful resources. As someone who has been organizing for lots of ongoing writing all my life one thing I’ve done is kept a notebook. 35 years later now I have many, going back as far as my teenage years with ideas that come up at the oddest times but I log them all just in case I get stuck but you can never have too many ideas so I’ve logged your resources for future reference. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very informative Blog! I honestly had never thought about being in that position until I started this course. I have recently been looking at ways to increase my exposure to a social media personal brand and what to post.

    It’s easy to imagine the challenges of coming up with ideas to write about and engage your reader. Great to know there are many publications to help. I will bookmark your links for future resources, particularly the 103 ideas!

  5. Hi Robin, I read your blog and find what you talked about interesting. Thinking about it, I cam see why these tips could be helpful for a business, especially if they are trying to engage with their customers. I can also see it being helpful for simply starting a conversation. A food for thought post, for example, could lead to people talking to each other and sharing stories

  6. Great blog Robin!

    Being stuck is something that happens to everyone at some point, and it’s helpful to have articles out there that can provide some stress relief when it comes to topic selection. Not all content is going to be A+ content, but it’s always important to try, it’s good to have options like these on days like those.

  7. Great post Robin! We all get the Writer’s block sometimes and your tips are a big help. MY go to tool when I am stuck is the dictionary. I open the dictionary at random, pick a word and see what it brings to my mind. It often works. What do you think?

  8. I love these ideas on how to engage with followers! They are so simple and yet we don’t always resort to them because we second guess ourselves and what we post. However, people always love to see that there is an actual human behind social media accounts and this is often times the best way to remind them of that.

  9. Your blog has some really great ideas for social media content. With all the changes in social media and new trends popping up regularly I get overwhelmed and just stick with the status-co when it comes to my post as it feels like too much to come up with something new. Through your blog and this course, I have been reminded that there are so many great tools and blogs that I can turn to help with this. I will definitely be bookmarking the sites from your blog.

  10. Your blog was well written and gave great ideas for content. Your tips helped me understand that I wasn’t the only person feeling writer block.
    The subject of your article was well chosen.

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