GoPro Success Using UGC

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I have long believed that no one does UGC like GoPro! There are a few key success factors contributing to the marketing success of GoPro. The first is their ability to segment their audience and provide content to attract each unique set of users. The second is their use of User Generated Content to market their product over multiple social media platforms.

GoPro was a small American technology start up company founded by Nick Woodman in 2001 (TWC,2022). By understanding not only his product but the needs of the diverse audience of people who use it, Nick was able to build a multibillion dollar empire. GoPro is known not only for their high-quality tech, but also for their ability to innovate and keep up in a very dynamic and changing marketplace.

GoPro discovered early on that their portable waterproof high-tech camera initially designed for the extreme sport market, was being used by a wide variety of people with vastly different needs. In order to meet the needs of such a diverse group of users, GoPro used a market segmentation strategy to divide its market according to psychographics and type of use. By splitting this market they were able to identify, target and build a wide variety of users. Through market segmentation GoPro was able to appeal to a diverse and constantly growing population. This allowed them to not only develop and deliver content to align with each segments interests, but to deliver it in a platform native to them.

I believe the greatest success factor for GoPro has been their engagement of their market on social media through user generated content. Each day over 6,000 photos are upload to social media with the #GoPro hashtag (Lai, 2016). GoPro is then able to take the best of the best within each segment and post it to the appropriate social media platform. User generated content is considered a far more authentic means of marketing. Research indicates that 90% of consumers state that authenticity is a key factor in deciding which brands they will support and 60% say that user generated content is the most authentic form of marketing. (Ramby, 2021)

With this knowledge GoPro has created its own low-cost marketing campaign by posting user generated content of people using their product. What I find extremely interesting is that very few social media posts from this business actually speak of, or show pictures of their actual product. Their strategy has always been to show people how the product is used. I can certainly understand why this has been so successful, when you view their Instagram account, the pictures are absolutely spectacular. Anyone who participates in any form of sport, leisure or entertainment and wishes to save those memories, can’t help but be drawn to the GoPro.

There is no question that GoPro’s strategy of advertising their product through the use of UGC has been an overwhelming success. This strategy has set them apart not only within their market place, but in the social media marketing world overall. Go pro has taken the time to build relationships with their users and has successfully engaged them as content creators across all social media platforms. A true success story. #gopro

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