Assignment 1- Blog post #4

When it comes to B2C and customer engagement there are so many big businesses we could talk about. I like talking about the small businesses and those who have a great online presence. One that always comes up in conversations when discussing social media is MelaBath (,,

Melanie the owner, has turned this into a full-time gig. Not only because she has a great bath product, but her B2C and B2B are every strong and you can see this with her social media.

Melanie posts multiple times a day and responds back to every comment. Her content is also a wide variety from making product, orders going out the door, products from other businesses she has brought in that are now available, content from other businesses she has products with already promoting the items, deliveries for that day etc. There is always something going on with her social media. She spends a few hours a day dedicated to just social media posts on top of making product.

Based on following her social media and watching her business grow over the past few years, I believe her approach on social media is working for her combined with having a great product. It is apparent within her posts that customers love her products and businesses love working with her. I can speak first hand that she is an absolute gem to work with.

Take a look for yourself, what do you think of her social media?

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