Assignment 1 Blog Post #2 – Strong and Weak Organizations COM0015 

The two organizations that I think have an impressive social media strategies are Spotify and Hinge, they both are large organizations that have a large following online. Spotify markets towards the music /entertainment group, with the age group ranging from 13-55+. Spotify uses its Wrapped campaign during December and January to bring in a large number of new users, it brings noise because users were sharing their Spotify wrapped on their stories and over social media which caught others’ eyes and they wanted to experience it. They combined FOMO & personalization. Spotify also worked with BMW with the launch of the 320i.

I chose Spotify as they’re growing hugely every day and they use social media smartly and efficiently. An organization that I think should adapt to a social media strategy is Twitch, they really don’t have a set strategy, from my viewing point it’s really just randomness and no set type of posts etc. They market towards the entertainment group ranging from ages 15 to 35. If they were to develop a social media strategy they would benefit from it in terms of how they look and their social media presence. I think their first steps to the world of social media or a better strategy could be what they post and how they interact with their fans.

2 thoughts on “Assignment 1 Blog Post #2 – Strong and Weak Organizations COM0015 

  1. Hi Cole,

    Very interesting blog … I love learning about things that I’d never heard of before, like Twitch!
    They have 7 million followers on Twitter and almost 2 million on Facebook, but extremely low engagement rate on Twitter or Facebook … I am amazed at how much is out there that I have no concept about (of course, I am out of their age range 🙂 )

    It would be so cool to see what their stats are for their social media, and what they are hoping to achieve … it may well be, as you suggest, that there is no actual strategy in place.

    Thanks for the post and all the best!

  2. Hello Cole, I don’t use Spotify but I have heard of them and I know that people share their Spotify playlists. I’ve never seen them pop up on social media, which I spend a lot of time on but I can imagine that their social media game is most likely on point. I have also heard of twitch but have never personally used it. I know it has something to do with gaming. If their target age range is 15-35 I feel like they would greatly benefit from expanding that range since there are many, many hardcore gamers above the age of 35. Like Spotify I also have never come across Twitch on social media although perhaps it would be strange to advertise a social media platform on a competing social media platform. I’ve heard YouTubers and and people streaming on Facebook live mention that they were on Twitch, otherwise I’ve never seen or heard it mentioned anywhere else.

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