TikTok Spending?

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Let’s be real here. How many times have you been scrolling TikTok aimlessly and have come across someone using a new product that caught your eye and you said, “I have to have that!” I can definitely relate.

Baby Dash? Totally bought it to make pickles and crispy cheese in it. Fluffy headband to keep my hair out of my face for when I give myself a facial once a year? Bought that too. The famous Scrub Daddy sponges? 100% guilty. The one thing that I have yet to get my hands on is the Pink Stuff. (P.S. if you have this, let me know how it is 😉)

Social media platforms are making it more and more easy to be able to purchase items directly from their platforms. Creators on different platforms are advertising various products, whether it be a brand-deal or just a product they love that they want to recommend. The viewers see these videos and immediately want the item. Most platforms have a biography section where creators can link the item that they are showcasing. A common link that I’ve seen is an Amazon affiliate link, which means that when you purchase something from this link, the creator receives a percentage from the purchase.  

During the pandemic, Rachel Meaders – a TikTok creator, started a series called, “Things you didn’t know you needed off Amazon.” These videos gained a lot of views and soon enough, her channel took off. She currently has a following of 2 million subscribers and still posts frequently. You are able to go to her Instagram, YouTube or Amazon affiliate link directly from her TikTok bio, making it convenient for her audience to purchase her recommendations.  

Rachel Meaders, TikTok

In 2021, TikTok partnered with Shopify to offer influencers TikTok Shopping. “With this powerful new tool, Shopify store owners can add subtle product links within their videos,” Nicolette Kier, Merchant Maverick.

Do you think that this new feature will mean that more and more people will be on social media platforms for bigger chunks of their day?

I’m sure we have all purchased at least one item because we’ve seen an ad about it somewhere on social media or we’ve come across a video of a raving review. What is the most pointless item that you have purchased because of social media?


Spending money because of TikTok? Check out this blog: https://bit.ly/344jJd9

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Can you say that you’re guilty of purchasing items because of TikTok or any other social media platform for that matter? Check out this blog: https://bit.ly/344jJd9

6 thoughts on “TikTok Spending?

  1. Hey Jenna, I really loved reading your blog post. I too have totally fallen for influencer’s recommendation of products. I bought a cute clock I never use, these carton acrylic water bottles, and several beauty products all to hop on the latest trend and to improve my ‘aesthetic’ that so many influencers have. It’s a dangerous game and I think it’ll keep getting worse, especially when everything they advertise is so cute. Thank you so much for writing about this, will delete my Amazon cart right now!

  2. What a fun article to read! I have definitely have fallen prey to buying things that influencers ‘recommend’ that I never end up using. It’s incredible how they make you feel like your life will be improved if only you had those magnetic lashes look incredibly easy to apply! (Spoiler alert: they are a waist of money). These days I try to ask myself if I really need that item instead of buying it on impulse!

  3. I wish I thought of this for a blog haha I think it’s just one more thing to give people a reason to stay on their phones longer. Recently I came across a cherry tomato slicer on TikTok, and bought it. Because why not?! 10/10 Would recommend if anyone needs it. https://amzn.to/35IqAcs

  4. I have yet to purchase something off tiktok! I often briefly look at the ads of skip through them entirely because I don’t want to get sucked into it. So far I’ve managed to not get influenced, however I am sure there will come a time where I buy something off an add I’ve seen on social media since they are much more frequent now.

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