Snapchat is willing to pay YOU millions!

Do you want to make $1 million dollars from the comfort of your own home? Snapchats’ Spotlight is the new way for users to earn huge amounts of money solely by posting content and getting views.

Snapchats’ Spotlight came to fruition as an attempt to compensate for loosing users because of the rise of Tik Tok and Facebook Reels. This feature was introduced in November 2020 and users are able to upload short videos, watch content, and leave feedback including liking, commenting and sharing with friends. There is was a daily flow of over $1 million dollars being given out to creators of content that go viral.

As mentioned in my last blog, this is also a smart marketing move on Snapchat as everyone during 2020 was trapped in their homes due to COVID-19 and had ample amounts of time on their hands to create content, the money was a perfect incentive. If you break down this move by Snapchat, they wanted to draw more creators away from Tik Tok and bring back previous users that stopped using their application as much. In turn, they created a money incentive for the users with the best videos. As well, the principle of Spotlight is that there is a never ending cash flow, once you receive payment for one video, it makes you want to create more, which checks off Snapchats’ box of user retention. This new feature of Snapchat proved to work, as in the third quarter of 2020, Snapchat had 249 million global daily active users, whereas in the fourth quarter of 2020, they had over 265 million.

But does Snapchat actually pay you? Yes, that’s why users got so obsessed with this new feature. One of my personal friends began posting on Spotlight just when the application launched. He already had a significant following on Tik Tok but decided to hop on the Spotlight wave. He was just a regular teenage boy who was enrolled in college in Los Angeles. After uploaded similar science experiment videos for his Tik Tok to Snapchat, in two weeks he became one of the top performers on the platform and made over $3 million. He saw Spotlight’s opportunities and ran with them, he now has his own Snapchat show that he uploads three times a week and he’s living his best influencer life in LA. New York Times even wrote an article about his Spotlight success to encourage others to start posting on the app.

Snapchats’ Spotlight is a new way for average people to make ridiculous amounts of money by creating watchable content. The algorithms on Spotlight are ever-changing, but users say it’s easier to go viral on this app, than on Tik Tok. While Snapchats’ global daily users will continue to grow, get your content out today and who knows what Snapchat will pay!

Have you ever uploaded a Spotlight video to Snapchat? Do you know anyone who actually made money from the app? Are you on your way to post your first video today?…I am!

Sitting at home bored? Make short videos for Snapchat and they’ll pay you Millions!

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6 thoughts on “Snapchat is willing to pay YOU millions!

  1. I stopped using Snapchat years ago, I had no idea that creators could even monetize Snapchat now! It’s a smart move on their part to try and draw users back to their platform, I would love to see their statistics on how well this has worked.

    Your friend’s story is so crazy and also exciting, stories like his are one of the reasons I am so intrigued by social media – people can blow up literally over night and their whole life can change in the matter of weeks!

  2. I’d never known about Snapchat Spotlight until this article! I’ll have to check it out for sure! The incentive of money is so smart to try and bring TikTokers over to their platform! It must be so interesting to see a friend become an internet celebrity!

  3. Hello, you captured me right from your title. Easy read with a variety of images and data backing up your blog. Ive never used Snapchat but you definitely got my attention. I would love to see their books for Return on Investment and like the other reviews would love to meet someone who profited from this too.

  4. I was intrigued by your title and was looking for information to see if you have to be in the U.S. to be paid or can you have a Canadian account and be paid. The fact you actually know someone that has made serious dollars doing posts on Snapchat is so exciting. My kids use Snapchat so I have an account just to see what they post. I would love to be able to learn more about Snapchat and I think it would be neat to posts funny videos of my grand-puppies. I do wonder if they have had success in gaining back customers.

  5. Snapchat has definitely been outdated for a log time. This is a very smart move on their part to stay stay up tp date an compete with the new features other platforms are offering these days. There is definitely room for them to make people a lot of money with the right ads.

  6. Snapchat has definitely been outdated for a long time. They needed to improve something ad add more features to stay up tp date and compete with other platforms. there is defiantly room for them to run hug amounts of traffic given how popular the app used to be.

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