Once upon a time…

“John Steinbeck on Story telling…” by Jill Clardy is licensed under

Story telling has been around for centuries. It’s an art form. Whether it be stories about worldwide historical events, a story told through interpretive dance or the fictional tales of Mermaids and Dragons, everyone loves a good story. But what is it that makes the story good? What is it that makes you stop and listen to the person speaking, or stop scrolling to click the link to a specific article?

While I do believe there are many ways to answer the question, I want to share with you a few points I feel are important to consider before writing your story. Point one, I feel it is crucial to consider the communication style you would like to use. How is it you want to come across to your reader? In my studies this week, I learned the difference between a passive vs. active voice and how speaking in passive terms can be detrimental to your story and lead to loosing emphasis on important content because it feels impersonal and indirect. Here is an article by the Book Designer that can help you dig deeper into passive voice misuse: https://www.thebookdesigner.com/2021/08/what-is-passive-voice-misuse/.

The second point I’d like to share is the importance of ensuring your reader is involved. You can do this by inspiring them to take part in your story. A simple way to do this is by asking questions, having them participate in surveys / polls, or providing them with photos and/or video content to help create a more immersive experience.

The final point I’d like to provide you with is to think about what your end goal is before you begin writing your story. Ask yourself, what is the purpose? What is it I’m trying to achieve? Take this blog I’m writing now for example, my goal is to help educate you, as the reader, on storytelling and communication styles. As an added benefit, it also allows me to engage in new ideas from all of you.

There are so many important pieces to consider when it comes to storytelling. Check out this blog by How to Communications for more information. Don’t forget to check back for more important tips to come! In the meantime, please sound off below and share with me a time you may have used any of these tools and / or  communication styles to prepare an engaging piece? Did you find it successful? Or maybe you have a great story that encompasses these tips? If so, I’d love to read it – leave your link!





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