The Key to Mastering Digital Storytelling

We all have been in group conversations where there is that 1 person that is quiet, but you can tell they are taking in what you are saying. Those are smart people! Here is why!


These individuals are “taking it all in”. What does that mean? They are listening! Yes, just that. They are understanding the flow of the conversations going on, people’s behaviors and tones. This same tactic applies in the online world to master digital storytelling.

In my employer’s line of business, we often use the term “fact finding”. This is very important. Why? It is key to getting to know the client, and how we can take care of their financial needs and goals. There needs to be trust between the financial advisor and the client. This starts by listening to what the client is saying. Basically, the same thing applies in the online world.

Rise Above the Noise

When it comes to digital communication, you need to be able to rise above the noise. What does that mean? Being a good listener. Filter through what is going on around you and decipher people’s viewpoints, pain points, and the flow. By doing this, you become a master at digital storytelling and ultimately building your brand.


Amongst listening, we use education to master digital storytelling. Providing informative blogs and email blasts to our client listing, we inspire our clients. Educating them is key to building new business, referrals, financial planning, and securing a prosperous long-term client/advisor relationship.


A lot of our new business is based on referrals. Our storytelling is done mostly by our actions which inspires and motivates our clients to invest in their future with us. We let our clients get to know us on a more personal level to help build trust. It sets us apart from other companies. If there is no trust, there is no business. Mastering our digital storytelling will be key for having people wanting to share our posts, visit our “home base”, and taking the next step by securing their financial future and retiring on their own terms.

When it comes to social media, our approach is the same. We listen to what is going on in group conversations. We communicate in a professional way, but at a level where it doesn’t seem too corporate as we want to be able to relate to each person on a more personal level. We use our Outposts to educate, inspire, and motive people to invest in themselves. By doing this, we are directing people to our Home Base (our blog on our website) to educate them on various financial related topics and resources available to them. It is just as important to build trust in the online world as it is in person.

Keep listening and you will master your digital storytelling!

What digital storytelling techniques does your company use?


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