COM0015 – Blog Post 1 assignment 1 – Tools and Sources 

My two favourite social media trend monitoring/listening tools are Hootsuite and Nexalogy, I chose those two tools because they’re both known well in the social world which means they’re reliable and I’ve heard the customer service is super efficient also, which are keys to good service. My two sources of news and updates of interest to me would be either the website “Hypebeast” or it might not be a website but I’ll use Instagram for the majority of my source of news and updates. I like Hootsuite and Nexalogy because they’re both simple and easy to maneuver through the platform, they’re both extremely budget-friendly if that’s an attribute you’re looking for. They also both have a real solid background in terms of trust and reliability. The two sources that I mentioned would be significant to my interests as “Hypebeast” is a website that posts anything from tech to clothing that is known as the trending hype, I mainly enjoy reading the news about automotive or new tech that’s being released. All these are pretty significant because they all have different meanings and uses such as Hypebeast is good for keeping up on the newest information and trends, Hootsuite or Nexalogy play a role in helping marketing the brand and keeping up with the newest stats on the company whether it’s stats on viewers or the newest post or release.

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