Welcome to Cuba!

My mother and I are very close and enjoy going on trips together. Just before Covid started in 2020 we already had our trip booked to Varadero, Cuba. We were excited to get our vacation started but knowing what we were coming home to upon our return, was scary and unpredictable.

Yeah! We have landed in paradise! Upon our arrival to Cuba, we were directed to our shuttle bus that would take us to our resort. I normally like to do things as scheduled, however, I said to my mom, “let’s rent a cab!” So, we did! It was the best experience ever. We had our own tour guide all to ourselves! We got to ask questions along the way to things we saw and I am pretty sure we kept the cab driver entertained as we had a few glasses of wine on the plane, so we were both feeling “happy” and chatty. The cab ride was worth every penny!

We stayed at the Melia Varadero resort and I highly recommend it if you are looking to travel to Cuba.

I am a wine lover but when you are in a tropical setting there is nothing better than a fancy drink! Below is a picture of my delicious mojito, and the other our Cuban bartender calls “sex in the room”. I saw this woman across the bar drinking this beautiful looking drink and I asked the bar tender what she was drinking. He said we call it “sex in the room”. I replied and said, “I will take one of those”!

We enjoyed a relaxing week at this beautiful resort taking in the nature around us, talking with the gracious hard working staff, strolling the beach, and taking in the amazing views. The lush gardens and tropical waters were just stunning!

Two things I took away from taking this vacation with my mother was that time is precious and so is family. The last two years have been tough for all of us. Arriving home from our trip then going into lockdown really made me appreciate life more and the experiences we are able to have, along with the time we do get to spend with family.

Check out Culture of Cuba – Wikipedia. This will give you insight to Cuban Culture. I am sure you will find it insightful!

Have you travelled to Cuba? What was your favorite thing you experienced? Can you recommend a tropical island that I should visit in the future? I am always up for ideas! Gracias.

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