COM0014-Blog#1: Once upon a time in Jamaica

Once upon a time (summer 2019), I went on vacation in a land not too far away, Jamaica. This was a trip that I was so looking forward to because I wanted to have a non all inclusive experience in the Caribbean.

For this two week trip, I joined my partner and his mother, and we stayed by his aunt’s place located at the very top of the hills of Kingston. The drive up and down these hills were insane. The paths were narrow, people drove fast and confidently. the view was gorgeous.

There were many highlights to this trip, honestly. 

First one is the nice ride I took on the river, Old Road St.Ann, on a warm morning. We took a “secret path” that led us to this beautiful empty beach, which led us to this activity in the picture. The man followed the current of the river, put some music along the ride. I was so impressed by the beauty of the nature and by the strength the man had to be doing this all day… in the HEAT.

Highlight number two. The food, of course! I finally got the chance to try some famous KFC chicken. I know what you’re thinking: KFC really? Hey, I didn’t think much of it either at first, but my partner and his Jamaican friends insisted that it was nothing like our Canadian KFC. All I have to say is, it’s true to the hype and I understand why there were huge lineups at almost every location. Oh, I also went to Devon House Ice cream, and that was delicious. Take note, Devon House is considered the best ice cream in Jamaica!

I absolutely loved the street food – one night, it was about 3AM and we came across a man parked to the side with his BBQ grilling some chicken, pork. I was so surprised to see someone working so late on a very quiet road. Needless to say that food was the perfect way to end our night.

Highlight three. We went to a surprise birthday party for my partner’s uncle and it was such a good time! It was themed, blue and white, and was hosted on a military base.

Highlight four. There was a carnival themed party we attended one night. Whew, they sure can party until much, much later than we do here.

There were so many more highlights but all in all, this is a trip that I will do again because it definitely felt like home. Is there a trip you’d do all over again?

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