COMM0014 – Assignment 1, Blog #6 – Travelling 6,900 miles to find myself

It took me becoming more comfortable in Vienna, Austria in five months than I had been in three years Halifax, Nova Scotia to truly understand myself. I was completely more comfortable living in a place where I struggled to communicate with people than I was a few provinces over in my home country. Why? I had to truly reflect on this when I returned to Canada on the person I was.

I’ve come to realize that in Vienna, I appreciated it was okay to ask for help and admit I needed support occasionally.  The distance from home taught me how to truly live alone. When I was in Halifax I relied on travelling home to Ontario when I was in a tough spot, but in Vienna, I had to work my way through. Living abroad taught me how strong I could be, and how I could strive living in a challenging situation.

Although I had travelled before and learned a lot about myself, it wasn’t until I was functioning away from my support system that I learned who I was on my own. I love my family dearly, but I needed this space to transition into my own adult.

My transition back to Canada was much smoother than initially I thought it would be. I was now seen as a world-travelling adult rather than an adventurous university student, and that identity sat better with me and aided in my learning to ask for help when needed upon returning to Halifax.

It’s weird to say that distance from my day-to-day life helped, but it did. And I am grateful I got the space when I needed it.

Until next time,


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