COM0014 – Blog #5: The Kindness Brand

Katie Lingard

Photo by Pexels

More than any other time in our history, the digital age has become prevalent in business, education and personal social circles thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the entire world flipped a switch to living life online to prevent the spread of illness, people are now more aware than ever of digital platforms being used to further careers and make job changes. We see examples of this with things like video-conferencing for job interviews and work conventions. We learn in school and in business that having a personal brand is essential to promoting oneself to the world and enhancing your opportunities to achieve your goals. Having a consistent presence both online and in-person is important to maintain an authentic message to set yourself apart from the crowd. My personal brand is kindness. 

In a conversation with a friend recently, we considered the current shift to online, the increase of general hostility towards others of opposing views and the rise in hostile engagements on Social Media posts, blogs and news articles. The world has never seemed more divided than it is now. The depth of pain that comes with some of these hurtful and aggressive words is pretty damaging. At this time, a smile and small act of kindness go a long way. 

Courtesy of Quote Fancy

I work in the office of a private elementary school where I have the opportunity to interact with many people every day. From phone calls to emails to people stopping by, I am constantly in conversation with others. This gives me the opportunity to practice my brand in every situation. One former colleague used to call me “Mary Sunshine” because of how I consistently greet people with a smile and listening ear.  Morgan Freeman once said. “ How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.” It is always amazing to me how a friendly smile and kind words can chase away even the grumpiest of faces. In a time when our society is persistently at odds and angry with each other, I want to offer a place where for a brief moment they can feel the sunshine and peace of a happy place. I believe that being consistent and putting this into practice, really can change a person’s life-if even for a few moments. 

What about you dear readers? What is your personal brand? How does the world see you? Share your thoughts!

Until next time, dear friends!

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