Blog #4: Sustainability is Just S’Well

The story of S’Well states: “At a time when sustainable products weren’t stylish and stylish products weren’t sustainable, she created the world’s first reusable hydration accessory. A beautiful form that fused function with fashion to make doing the right thing a crave-worthy experience” (S’Well, 2021).

Their mission statement is: “At S’well, we hope to be a spark for change — the inspiration to live a little more sustainably in an unsustainable world” (2021). When most think of needing a reusable water bottle, I would think most automatically default to S’Well bottles. This brand took something so mediocre and dare I say, boring? and made it hip. In the last twelve years, their product line has expanded from plain, drab colours to fun, eye-catching patterns and designs. They continually build up their social media presence with UGC (or user-generated content) where they frequently show their products being used in real, raw situations. This tactic proves that their products can be used conveniently in a variety of settings and are always a viable option instead of choose the wasteful, “convenient” options.

S’Well is leveraging their online presence and platforms to keep in touch with their customers and build brand ambassadors. Over the last decade, they have transformed themselves into a go-to sustainable option to avoid single-use plastics.

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