What Do You Like to Post On Social Media?

Have you ever done an audit of what you post on social media? What type of content do you share with your audience?

photo of airplane wing in high altitude
Photo credit: FWU

I checked my Facebook profile and my last post (excluding posts where I was tagged by others or when I updated the cover photo) was in April 2021. In that post I asked which of my friend attended certain university as I wanted to borrow a book from the library. The previous post before then was in January 2021. It was a photo of my lament over the 2021 Winter “Stay home order” captioned over January 2020 flight over the Aegean Sea.

There are many types of posts that people can share on social media, including photos, videos, pure text, stories, opinions, update in life, link to other articles or reposts of other people’s content. Research show that on Facebook and Instagram, the top type of post in 2020 is photos (70.3% and 66.0% respectively). Specifically, selfies were the main type of posts by teenagers in 2006 and 2012, at 70% and 91% respectively. In a newer research also by Pew Research in 2018, 40% of US teenagers said they posted about accomplishment, 44% posted about family and 34% posted about their emotions.  

Though I do not post much, I do enjoy reading the following content from businesses and personal accounts.


  • Contests, gift giveaways, coupons, special offer, discounts, product promotion
  • Food menu, recipes
  • Business history, Did-You-Know’s
  • Guest or customer compliments
  • Industry or business updates
photo of recipe for Greek dessert bougatsa and Thanksgiving dinner platter menu
photo credit: (Left) https://www.facebook.com/akispetretzikisofficialpage / (RIGHT) https://www.instagram.com/nextdoorrestaurant/

Personal posts:

  • Jokes, memes, humour
  • Exercise
  • Fun, food, party
  • Covid vaccine shots
  • Travel
photo of travel images on Instagram on left and a meme on right
photo credit: (LEFT) https://www.instagram.com/mapandwanderlust / (RIGHT) personal friend

What do you usually post on your social media? What do you enjoy reading from your friends or from local businesses? What will you post next?


What do you like to post on social media and how does that compare with others? Find out more at https://bit.ly/3Ikam8n

What do you like to post on social media and how does that compare with others? Find out more at

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4 thoughts on “What Do You Like to Post On Social Media?

  1. Some good ideas here Fiona! I work with restaurant operators and support them in how to approach social media and I always share with them the idea of having a content calendar and within that establishing pillars to create their posts under. I do this with the pages that I manage for work as well, using five different pillars for content. Your post has made me think about my own posts on my personal page.

    • Thank you Amy. I also used a content calendar to make sure all programs at work (adult, youth, sports or older adults) are covered each month using people stories, event promo, statistics etc. But it’s easier said than done as each program wanted more exposure, it’s tough to balance content. What are the 5 pillars you use for the restaurants?

  2. This definitely made me take a step back and reflect on what content I have putting on my social media these past few years. Although I find social media topics and trends very interesting, I don’t post much either! I tend to observe and read more than anything. The research statistics you included were surprising to me, I wouldn’t have thought that photos and selfies would have been the main thing people posted.

  3. I like your post! Between starting my new job and this course, my personal posting has dropped off these last couple of months. Over the past year and a half I regularly posted a variety of pictures of some of my pandemic activities (particularly my expanding cooking/baking repertoire) and ‘pick me up’ posts (jokes, humourous images) for friends and family. I tend to like and comment on the same type of posts.

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