How Can Law Enforcement Use Social Media To Solve Crimes?

Social media is a place where users love to post pictures and videos. When it comes to social media, many people love to post their every moment on these platforms. When using social media, certain things about you are known, such as your last location when you signed into these platforms. Law enforcement does depend on social media to solve their cases. Social media is a place where criminals brag about the crimes they have committed and sometimes post money or weapons on their timeline. Law enforcement gathers public data such as videos and photos posted on your timeline or story. Criminals who can’t resist bragging on online platforms such as Instagram are vulnerable to law enforcement. Law enforcement has used social media to investigate crimes such as

  • Online threats
  • Murders
  • Weapon possession
  • Robberies
  • Cyber-bullying
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Social media can be a scary place at times. Not knowing who is scrolling through your timeline, clicking pictures or links can raise eyebrows. Social media can be a downside for criminally involved users. With law enforcement doing their detective work online, this not only makes their jobs easier but also helps solve crimes quicker. Social media can be a danger for both criminally involved users and law abiding users. Videos and pictures you post can give people tips about you. Before posting on social media platforms, you should ask yourself the following:

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  • Will this post have any negative consequences for me?
  • Is there too much private information in the background of these pictures (example, home address)?
  • Will this post concern law enforcement in any way?

Educating adults and children about the power of social media is very important.Many people don’t realise that using social media in the wrong way can lead them to trouble with law enforcement. Law enforcement does prey on criminals, hoping they post the wrong things on social media. Criminally involved or not, you should always be aware of the ways social media can be used against you. Watching what you post can save you and prevent you from certain issues. Social media is a place where law enforcement can and will do their investigation. People should educate themselves on the potential risk that is inherent in the use of social media.

Do you think law enforcemnt should use social media to solve crimes?, let me know in the comments.

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One thought on “How Can Law Enforcement Use Social Media To Solve Crimes?

  1. I like your blog. It was a bit different and about perhaps a lot of people don’t know about. Law Enforcement agencies have specially trained individuals who track and monitor social media.

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