Change Your Reality – Snapchat’s New Augmented Reality Tech

Have you ever wanted to experience your reality a little differently? Or wanted to know what it would be like to have your favourite Snapchat filters come to life outside of your phone? No need to worry, that technology is being developed and tested right now from social media companies such as Facebook, Apple, and Snapchat. Augmented reality has been a particular area of interest for many influential social media companies for many years. An exciting contribution to the AR world is an updated version of a creation by Snap Inc., called Spectacles.

Welcome To Your New Reality

An article by The Verge explains that Spectacles are wearable augmented reality glasses that bring to life a plethora of Snapchat’s filters and feature microphones, speakers, and cameras in order for your AR experience to be as immersive as possible. Snap Inc. has made a few generations of these revolutionary glasses, each one being more advanced than the last.

Image by Sound On via Pexels

What started off as glasses that allowed the users to record and upload videos and pictures has evolved into an impressive piece of technology that allows Snapchat filters to be placed into our reality. The article further explains that motion detection technology and multiple high-quality cameras have been implemented into the glasses to better detect surfaces in order for the filters to better morph into indoor or outdoor environments.

Try It On!

Unfortunately for us, the impressive upgrades to Spectacles are not ready for the public to purchase. For now, Snap Inc. has only released this technology to content creators who specialize in AR development. However, one innovation that Snapchat will make available for the public is their ‘Try-On’ AR feature. Brands will be able to create their own official company pages that feature their catalogue of products. Users can sift through brands products and virtually try on clothes, makeup, jewellery, eyewear etc. Additionally, this feature will allow users to purchase any products directly via the brands Snapchat page.

I find this new feature incredibly helpful because I run into issues with shopping online because it is difficult at times to decide whether or not something will be suitable for me purely based on a few edited pictures. I am positive that I’m not the only one that deals with this problem, hopefully with these ongoing AR innovations shopping online will become easier and easier.

Do you think people will truly want to invest their money into this type of technology only to use it for platforms such as Snapchat? Is this the next greatest piece of technology or are these glasses and AR being overhyped?

Twitter: Create A Spectacle – Check Out Snapchat’s Dive Into AR #tech #snapchat #AR #filter

Facebook: Social Media Is Going To Change The Way You View The World – Snapchat Announces New Futuristic Augmented Reality Glasses

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