Build Authenticity with UGC

What is UGC anyway?

Source: Stackla

Any time someone outside your organization shares content that involves your brand, that is user generated content and its gold! In a study completed by TurnTo, they found UGC significantly influenced purchasing decisions and created more confidence and authenticity in the buying process.

Why would we want or need UGC? In the eyes of consumers, businesses market their products in the most positive and visually appealing way and often with photography tricks. As marketers we are hard to completely trust, therefore UGC is beneficial because it originates from someone else adding credibility and authenticity.

The great thing abut user generated content is that there is no cost and lots of exposure. Instagram is one social platform with huge opportunities to share UGC through reposting/regramming and Instagram Stories.

How do you get UGC? Ask for it!

At brick and mortar locations, post signs encouraging customers or guests to take pictures of their food/product or of themselves in a special spot in your location.

Consider a hashtag campaign. Give customers a hashtag to use in their posts; let them know which social networks you use (display on a sign, poster, receipt or sticker). Tracking the hashtag can also allow you to utilize social media contests or incentives such as offering rewards for UGC posts by running a contest for everyone who shares a photo with your hashtag. You can make customers feel extra special by sharing their posts on your profiles/stories and offering them something special for their awesome contributions.

One caution, ensure you ask before using and give credit. Contacting the poster through a DM (direct message) is the easiest way.

Have you employed the use of User Generated Content before? What benefits did you see from it?

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