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Are You Annoying People With You’re Phone at Dinner?

I believe that setting social media boundaries is a great idea.

People are spending way too much time attached to their devices. You can’t go anywhere with anyone anymore without someone having a phone stuck in their face. You can’t go for a nice dinner without having that third party guest sitting on the table and having your friend, spouse, child, brother, or sister stare at it every few seconds to see if they have missed anything. Finally, you have that beautiful silence. Until you hear that infamous DING go off and then the focus has once again left the table. So, what does the other person do? That’s right they pick up their phone and why is that? Because you don’t want to just sit there and look at the back of their phone.

Death of Conversations

Now this is just an example. Has it happened to me before? Absolutely! That is why I’m using it. I get it, I use my phone a lot to but never at dinner, especially at a restaurant. It is my biggest pet peeve.

Now how do we disconnect? One easy way is to leave your phone in the car. All of your notifications will be there when you leave the restaurant. You can check them then. Put your phone on silent, including the vibration feature. If you don’t, this will still have you diving for your phone. Now, I understand there can be circumstances that prevents you from doing this but that is understandable.

Pew Research Centre stated that 88% of adult found it NOT ok to Use a phone at dinner time. If you would like to see more, click here.

What do you think? She we be disconnected at the dinner table?


Nicander Mohr, C (2015, September 15). Yes, You’re Annoying People when You’re Using your Phone. The Wonder of Tech.

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