COM1OO14- Blog#7 The Importance of Online Storytelling and Personal Experiences


During these past few weeks, in the Digital Communication course I’ve learned, a lot about finding target audiences, who they are, and appealing to them. However, this course has reinforced the value of being a good storyteller which is necessary to attract an audience in the first place. Therefore, in the blog, I’ll be describing why story telling is important to creating content online? How content will assist in enhancing a story? And using personal experiences to reinforce a story.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

The Importance of Online Storytelling

Storytelling, is an important aspect of communication and in the digital world as well. For example, in module #2, We’ve learned people have been sharing stories for years to educate, entertain, or for cultural purposes. Furthermore, tales have been told though different strategies through talking, writing, signing, and dancing. Therefore, “The World Wide, and particularly, social media has changed the way we communicate our stories yet again” (Algonquin, n.d. “A Brief History of Storytelling” para.5). Nevertheless, online content is based around storytelling (Algonquin, n.d.).

Enhance Content to Tell a Story (Personalization)

Content will enhance a story in different ways and would be dependent on what I’m writing. Like, a blog about an environmental issue impacting me or my community of Sault Ste. Marie (ON). Thus, grabbing people’s attention and personalizing the experience. For example, a catchy title like, “Essar Steel Dumps Waste into Lake Superior Contaminates Drinking Water: Residents Feeling Sick.” (Only if facts are true!) Therefore, if people from the area chose to read my blog, this might cause a chain reaction into, asking questions, spreading awareness, and protesting maybe. Not only that but other cities in the Algoma District could begin to wonder if their water is being contaminated by big industries. Nevertheless, its important to remember to keep experiences good or bad relatable and personable if able so, readers might consider, “I’ve never thought of that!” Or “What if that happened to me?”

Experiences to Re-enforce a Story

There aren’t too many specific stories I would like, to tell (not exactly) but use personal experiences to enhance the message instead. For example, I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian growing up but wasn’t able to enter that career path because of mental, physical, and finical limitations. So, I’ve previously decided to take natural wildlife technician but unfortunately, there were similar problems. Thus, a thought had came to me a few months ago. Since I’ve always enjoyed writing maybe enrolling in Social Media and Digital Communications could provide me the skills to communicate confidently online, in hopes of becoming an “Eco- Blogger” at some point in the future. Also, I’m a private person by nature, and don’t really like, sharing personal details with many people. However, there is more of internal willingness to share by educating and assisting others than talking about “my life story.” Overall, elements of my personal story are important, but would like them to help grab reader’s attention by supporting the message and for the communication to be the central focus. In other words, experiences would only to be enhance the story by personalizing it while, facts would remain the most essential part of a tale.

How will experiences enhance your story?


Algonquin, (n.d.). Becoming a digital story teller. Retrieved from

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