COMOO14- Blog #5 Personal Branding


In my opinion, personal branding, highlights specific characteristics and perception of oneself in which an individual describes their personality, culture, hobbies, ideas or experiences in a way they would like to be perceived by others. Furthermore, this could be done virtually by blogging/vlogging online. However, in this blog I’ll be describing my personal brand by answering a few questions like, what characteristics set me apart from the crowd? What I’ve done recently that could make me stand out? What people say is my best trait? And a specific achievement, I’m most proud of.

Photo by João Jesus from Pexels

Personal Characteristics, Experiences, and Accomplishments

In my opinion, personal characteristics that set myself, apart from others are I’m studious (always studying.) Whether for school, out of internet or both, I’ve a need to keep learning by discovering answers for to questions. Although, at one point in my life, learning was used to fulfill a “want” to feel superior by masking insecurities. However, years later a realization came. Learning, for the sake of feeling “powerful” was a petty. So, I’ve decided to continue educating myself because of natural curiosities and to help others that are struggling. After all, the basis of learning should be to find solutions for problems and assist people, right? Also, one thing I’ve done recently that makes me stand out is willingness to try blogging again. For example, I had previously, withdrew from the Social Media and Digital Communications Program last year and re-registered again this summer. The reason for returning is because I had of taken time to research ways that digital marketing, does not only have to be about selling products and services but for helping to solve problems like, environmental issues, global warming, creating awareness, and many other causes. Also, blogging could help determine the right career path for me, whether to become an “Eco- Blogger,” for spreading environmental awareness, or maybe a different job with the same purpose but different writing style like, a Freelance Content Writer that creates articles instead of blogs which could suit my personality. Therefore, I’ve often been told one of my best trait’s are to understand others perspectives, express empathy, and enable people able to relate personally in some way. Nevertheless, a certain achievement, I’m most proud of is my college degree. Well, kind of. I had always thought going to college would be an impossible task for me due to lack of confidence and perceived intelligence. However, after doing homework/studying for a ridiculous number of hours over the next two years, there was a sense of relief and happiness after getting my business degree! Though, currently still true to an extent, I’ve realized a degree, is more for businesses than for myself. Thus, while going through and reviewing my old reports and assignments which I’ve kept on file for a work profile, its hard for me to believe that those pieces of content were written by yours truly. This coming from someone at one point could barely write grammatically to save his life!  Not only that but they are reminders of where I’m now as a communicator compared to previous years. Nevertheless, by looking at those well-edited works, provides a feeling of motivation and inspiration for me to continue learning and helping other students!   

 What characteristics make you stand out from the crowd?

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