COM0014 – Blog#3

Target Audience

Christmas boxes

I used to own a small online business with my sister, approximately two years ago. It was doing well, considering we had just been open for a little over a year. We sold purses, jewelry, makeup, scarves, beach apparel and many more products. Also, at Christmas time we would curate a box that customers could purchase for family, friends, or themselves. It included one item from each group. Each box would have a piece of jewelry, a purse or wallet, make up, a scarf, comfy socks and so on. The box would contain seven full sized items and we would add an extra free gift. We sold the boxes at $50 with a guaranteed value of $100 and we did the wrapping as well. I didn’t realize how much everyone would love them because they sold out in a week. We also got to interact with our customers face to face. We would deliver to your home, work and we also gave the option for pick up. Unfortunately, I had to shut it down for a few years due to medical reasons, but I do plan to reopen in the next year.

When we started this business, our target audience was for anyone who wanted to purchase our products within our area. In some cases that I have read for target audiences for a business like mine. Their demographic would be more specific, for example women from the ages of twenty to forty years of age. We discussed it and we didn’t want to put that on our mission post. We felt it should not be specific. Anyone at any age was our demographic audience. Sometimes there would be people from out of town who wanted to purchase our products, so we would mail it to them with a flat rate of $8. We turned no one away.

Here is a list of some incentives we used to capture our audience.

  • Giveaways once a month and on holidays.
  • Free gift with purchases over $50.
  • If you wanted to join our emailing list for updates and special offers, we would offer 10% of first order.
  • With makeup bundles, we would add an lipstick or gloss of their choosing.
Items that we sold

How we used social media for our business. We had our official business website, a Facebook business page and Instagram. We also handed out business cards and did face to face networking. We would also ask our customers if there were some other products they would like to see in our store. We wanted their input, which only seemed fair because they were the ones buying the product. Its getting to know your audience, everyone has different tastes.

Question, If you were a customer of mine, would you like the idea of having an opinion on what products we bring in? Keep in mind we were a small local business, and we could easily communicate with our customers and knew many of them.

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