COM0014 Blog #3 – Target Audiences

In the organization I am part of, students are our main audience. More specifically, undergraduate students who are about 18-23 years old. Our students are a diverse population with a ratio of about 60% female identifying to 40% male identifying. While communication is two-ways, we mainly give information to our students though we try to balance that out with efforts to get them to engage with us. We also regularly ask for feedback and ways we can improve to ensure that we’re meeting their needs.

Some ways that are effective in communicating to this audience is through quick, digestible content. This means Instagram stories, Instagram Reels, TikTok and anything else they can get the information from quickly and effectively. While our students do read their emails, those tend to be longer and they don’t always pick out what information is the most important. In our social media, we’re able to summarize those emails into quick information. This is all part of a larger strategy. You communicate with them in multiple ways, ensuring they have opportunities to get the information they need.

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To us, it’s important that our target audience is also part of our team and building the strategy. This means that we have a team of students on our social media team that help us execute all our plans. They attend our meetings regularly, they help us build content and they help ensure that our goals are being met when it comes to communicating to our students. This is a key feature that I believe goes a long way and has allowed us to grow from 800 to 9,000 followers on Instagram in just a few short years.

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