COM0014 Blog #3 – Gamers as a Target Audience

The personal hobby I am involved in the most is gaming. Gamers are really underestimated as a target audience, having one of the lowest CPMs or “Cost Per Mille” on YouTube. CPM is how much an advertiser pays per one thousand impressions on their advertisements. The CPM for gaming, at least for one YouTube channel, is 56 cents while other categories on YouTube have a CPM somewhere between $2 and $24 (Carbonell, 2020).

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There is a stigma that gamers never want to spend money, but a study done by Google found that gamers spend more than average on entertainment, electronics, and high-quality food products and services (Thompson, 2015). This makes sense, as equipment for gaming mainly includes electronics such as computers, smartphones, and gaming consoles. Gamers like to spend long sessions gaming and are more likely to use food services such as Skip The Dishes to keep them in the zone. G-Fuel is a good example of targeting gamers, an energy drink company whose brand revolves about helping gamers game for longer and providing a healthy alternative compared to other energy drinks.

What ways could a company communicate to gamers? A lot of the gaming community is online on different social media platforms, specifically ones that showcase gaming videos such as YouTube or Twitch. I know even for me, most of the new games I hear about, or products related to gaming I learn about, are from gaming streamers or content creators. Having ads or sponsorships with content creators will help spread information that a new game or product related to gaming is out. Gamers also expect content from brands to provide entertainment or provide useful information. Here is an advertisement from G-Fuel that showcases an entertaining ad and why their strategy works for their target audience.

Do you know of another brand that targets gamers well?


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