Blog #1. Tools & Sources

In the previous courses, I’ve learned that there is so much more in this world than just Facebook, Instagram, and Google. But, if I’m completely honest, I haven’t done much monitoring and listening outside of the lessons. However, I’ve spent a little time with it as my mom owns a small business in a small rural Alberta town, and since I manage her social media, I figure I should know what’s going outside of the likes on the content I create.

So with that, here are my go-to’s:

Google Trends:

My mom is in the hearing aid industry, usually directed at a more senior audience, but she has said that slowly but surely, her clients are getting younger. Whether it be military, law enforcement, or just someone who likes to listen to their music wango tango, everyone is looking for something different. With Google Trends, it allows me to see what people are searching for the most with hearing devices; Bluetooth capabilities, ear protection, cost etc. I can then take that information to my mom, and we can advertise as needed towards a new audience to meet the needs of a younger crowd.

While I haven’t had the chance to use this very much as you have to pay for it, I love the ease of managing multiple accounts at once and scheduling different posts. As a mom to a nearly two-year-old version of me (send help), I don’t have a lot of free time, and the time I do have, truthfully, I don’t want to be posting things. I want to play around with this tool a bit more and pitch it to my mom for full access!!

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Now for the juicy stuff. Where do I get the info?

I personally love It has all the stuff I’m curious about, from the essential things like the news to the most haunted spot in Canada or the top-rated flavour of cupcake. I love it all, and I find that MSN is like a one-stop-shop.

Next would have to Google News. I use Google for everything, from Chrome to Gmail, so the ability to open my internet and have access is super handy. I also like that it gives me various sources of news, easy to follow and read. It’s simple, no bells and whistles!!

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I’m a girl who likes to keep things simple, and I find that with all the tools and sources I’ve mentioned.

One thought on “Blog #1. Tools & Sources

  1. You know – which is on many a home page actually has great news! There are silly and interesting things I never find anywhere else. There is also its sister home page –; my husband likes to report what his yahoo main page told him every day 🙂

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