XXL Scrunchie & CO, A B2C Business Engaging The Correct Way With Their Audience

XXL Scrunchie & Co is a Business to customer’s brand based in Canada. They sell scrunchies in a bigger size than usual for the people who have thick hair. Some customers don’t necessarily have thick hair but will buy them mostly for the look since they have tons of different designs. They launched their business in the beginning of 2020 and grew really fast due to their success on TikTok.

XXL Scrunchie is a brand that I look up to for my business when it comes to engaging with their audience. First of all, when it comes to their Marketing strategies, they try to humanize them as much as they can. They post behind the scenes of them working on new designs (every week or every two weeks), they also post packaging videos on TikTok (a few times a week) and even more. I think that right now it is the best way to connect & engage with your audience. Especially in a pandemic, people want to feel and be connected with others. A brand that shares the upside down of owning a business, shows every step of their work and try to respond as many comments as they can will grow way faster than a brand that only make professional posts. In my opinion, that kind of content feels lifeless and I don’t feel like I can connect as much as the other businesses. XXL also engage with their audience in different other ways. Let’s start with Instagram. When they are releasing a new product, they always ask their audience through Instagram stories if they like that specific design before launching it. Not only does it create engagement with your brand but you’re also able to know what design will actually sell and which one would not. They also ask their audience what should the name be for that specific design so it creates even more engagement. People, especially the younger generation, like when a brand hear and include their suggestions.

The New Jasmine Design

I think that their approach works well on Instagram stories, YouTube and Tiktok. When it comes to their Instagram feed, I think they could use a different technique from what they are currently using right now. I noticed that only 20% of their audience engage with them under their posts. In the past month, they have only posted professional pictures of their scrunchies. I think that they should bring the kind of content they post on TikTok and YouTube to Instagram as well. People love watching short videos so I think that if they started to post that kind of content on their page, they would gain even more engagement. Something that could also help them get more engagement on Instagram is to repost some of their audience’s pictures. A lot of people are posting pictures on Instagram of them wearing XXL products. Unfortunately, it seems like the brand doesn’t really engage with them.

No brand is perfect when it comes to a marketing strategy. Some things might work for a business but won’t work for another one. All you need to do is to find the best strategy for YOUR brand at the moment. But, remember that what works right now might not work in the future.

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