What Is Social Selling?

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What is Social Selling?
Social selling can be defined as the practice of finding and connecting with potential customers on social media channels. Social selling is about building relationships through meaningful interactions either one-on-one or with a small group.

Social media tools such as Hootsuite, and Talkwalker, will help you indentify leads who are already talking about your brand, your product, your competitors or your industry. This allows you to reach out to an audience who already has an interest in your offering.

Social selling is not about overloading potential customers with unsolicited tweets or direct messages. The relationship-building process needs to be natural and authentic. Authenticity builds trust. Trust is built by being helpful, offering insights and sharing relevant information. Focus on the needs of the client first and selling second.

The Covid-19 pandemic moved relationship-building online. A recent Forbes article showed that 87% of business people cancelled events and 66% postponed events because of lockdowns and gathering restriction.

Pixabay by Pexel

Considering the sheer volume of people currently using social media, the potential for brands using social selling is huge.

  • 4.2 billion people worldwide are active on social media
  • social media platforms gained 490 million users in 2020 alone – that is a 13.2% increase 2019 saw a growth rate of 7.2%

Source: The Global State of Digital – Hootsuite

Your top competitors are already social selling. Using social selling means staying competitve.

The social media network that is best for your brand will depend on your target audience and your approach to social selling. Twitter and Instagram are casual and communication comes naturally. These are both great relationship building sites. LinkedIn is a more formal business platform. Business to business (B2B) can reach out to other businesses to found out who the decision makers are.

Social selling is about personalizing your social media message and being yourself. Relationship-building takes time, effort and consistency. Social selling leverages social media to help you build relationships, expand your network, streamline your lead generation and meet sales goals. Social selling is ultimately about building connections between your social media activity, and nurturing your customers to increase your interactions with them.

Do you think your online purchases will decrease after the stores fulling re-open? Let me know in the comment section below.

Facebook: Will your online purchases decrease after stores re-open? https://bit.ly/3xaxPSZ

Twitter: Will your online purchases decrease after stores re-open? https://bit.ly/3xaxPSZ


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5 thoughts on “What Is Social Selling?

  1. Great blog Kimberly!

    Personally, I think once stores are opened since, people have not been able to socially connect a lot outside of home for so long customer demand for an in store experience/ goods could increase for the first 3-weeks as opposed to online shopping. However, buying goods and having a physical shopping experience I believe would only be a short lived one as demand would quickly drop.

    • Hi Matt

      Thank you for reading and responding to my blog question.

      For May of 2020, Statics Canada reported that retail sales and were up 18% but still 20% below pre-Covid numbers For June the retail sales were close to year over year of 2019 (pre-Covid). and retail sales for July of 2020, were basic flat with 2019 numbers.

      It will be interesting to watch if the retail sales numbers follow the same trend as 2020. or if consumers are craving the personal touch that in-store shopping experience offers.

      The Canadian Press, (2020, July 21). CBC News. Online shopping has doubled during the pandemic, statisitics canada says.

      The Canadian Press, (2020, September 18). CTV News. Retail sales” hits a wall” in July after 2 months of significant gains.

  2. Hi Kimberley,
    I have to admit that I am one of those people that likes to search reviews on social media before I decide to make a purchase, especially for bigger items. However, until recently I’ve been slower to adopt online shopping. I think it’s because I just prefer to actually see a physical product beforehand.

    I have come to the decision that I do enjoy the convenience of shopping online for certain products, and I don’t think that my online purchases will decrease very much when stores re-open. I do have a feeling that my spending in general might increase as I finally get a chance to get out there and go shop for things that I’m not quite as comfortable with purchasing online without looking at firsthand. I have a sense that it might be the same for many others as well.

    Considering the enormous amount of people active on social media, I also think that businesses do need to adopt social selling as you have defined it (relationship building) as part of their their marketing strategies in order to be successful.

    I enjoyed reviewing the statistics you shared in your blog!

    • Hi Michelle

      Thank you for commenting on my blog about Social Selling.

      I am of the same mind set as yourself about some purchases that I feel more comfortable making only after seeing the item in person. During the pandemic, I purchased more items online than I usually do, one for convenience but also because certain items were not available instore or we were restricted from going into the store due to lockdown measures.

      I will most likely continue the same pattern of online shopping once the stores are fully open, with hard to find items, researched and purchased online.

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