Social Media: How Do I Conclude You?


Through my current understanding of the many blogging “rules” on social media so far, I’ve learned how to properly structure, write, reference, and cite a blog. However, questions remain like, this one Do all blogs require long-written summaries to complete them every time? Well, I’ve noticed by looking at different blogs online, that not all are concluded equally (in the same way). Nevertheless, this blog will provide a variety of strategies on how to conclude a blog for social media.

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Ways to Conclude a Blog

In my opinion, writing a good conclusion provides value to a piece of content just like a strong induction. Also, writing a conclusion could have similar challenges. For example, both the beginning and end need to have an impact on the reader and use related words but not totally exact. However, when concluding blogs for social media, there are many ways to finish them. Here are some examples that might help you. 1. Writing a summary. Creating a summary at the end, reminds the reader of the important facts made throughout your blog. I typically, like this one because I’ve used it many times to finish reports. Or as I like to call it, “The report conclusion method.” 2. Asking a question. Blogs should provide a feeling of two-way communication between you and the reader so, ask them a question below. In other words, avoid the “No questions good!” style of conversation. 3. Inspiring your readers. Asking an audience at the end of a blog to do preform a task could provide a sense of engagement. For example, share this blog and help struggling students! 4. Having links to another blog post. When your blog is complete provide links to related blogs. E.g., Social Media: “Fix These Mistakes!” (Coming soon). This has almost the same effect like, YouTube recommendations. You can never just watch one video well… at least I can’t! 5. Having a discussion question. Blogs should create or continue a conversation (call-to action). This is just like saying, let’s continue this awesome conversation about how to conclude a blog. 6. Providing a product teaser. Informs an audience that more content is on the way and to except it soon. For example, a sequel for a movie that’s not out yet but know is coming in the near future. Finally, 7. Answering who, what, why, when, and how. Consider these following questions; think of how the information will help the reader, what to do with it, when apply it in daily routine, and should anyone care?

The Final Conclusion

There are may ways to conclude a blog for social media as mentioned above like writing a summary. This is a personal favorite method on how to conclude a blog because of many years of practice from completing reports. Another way to end a blog is asking questions which both the writer and you communicate while providing a balance of inclusivity by requesting input. Furthermore, it’s nice to be asked a personal opinion. Also, ending a blog could be done by inspiring your audience by having them become involved with a blog like, sharing information or experiences which could make them feel more connected to your content. However, the method of completing a blog by providing links to other blog posts lets readers find similar material of yours. This is telling an audience Hey, look what’s coming soon! Therefore, continuing the discussion which might create a mini-online community. Also, a great way to conclude your blog is including product teasers. This informs readers of what particular content to expect in the near future, like a new series on Netflix. Finally, one of the best ways to finish your blog is asking these important questions, Who, what, when, where, and how? Why this blog will assist the reader, how will the information be used, how to it could be used on a daily basis, and why should they care? Thus, tying up the conclusion by reminding readers of highlights in your blog (most important points). Nevertheless, there are many ways to conclude a blog, but the best choice may be one, that increases chances of your audience coming back for more so experiment!

What’s your favorite way to conclude a blog post? Let me know in the comments below!  

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12 thoughts on “Social Media: How Do I Conclude You?

  1. Hi Matt
    Thank you for your informative blog on conclusions for blogs.
    My favourite way to conclude a blog is by summarizing the main points but not to repeat them word for word. I feel a summary of the main points or topic of the blog reminds the reader the “take aways” from the blog content. The summary should attempt to clarify the information presented and tie together the introduction and closing. I also feel the the conclusion should not introduce any new information but can provide the reader with some insights into the information in the blog.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with conclusions.

    • Thank you Kimberly. Yes, I agree and like the summary method as well because it restructures the point of the piece of content reminding the reader of the most important facts. However, my method of concluding a work could change when I’ve gained enough experience with blogging but for now I’m comfortable with the current method used mentioned.

  2. Hey matt
    Thank you for the informative blog on conclusions on blogs. I do not really have a favorite way to end my blogs I just make sure they sound right at the ending.

    • Thank you Ashlee! Well… that’s my ultimate hope which the ending I’ve provided flows properly and things sound alright.

  3. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the blog! I have always found introductions and conclusions the hardest when writing. You want the introduction to be attention grabbing and you want the conclusion to tie it all your ideas together in unity!
    I like to end my blogs with a call to action or a question, similar to how you did in yours! I find that is the best thing to leave the reader with! Keep them thinking 🙂

    • Thank you Shaylee. With whatever, option one decides to end a blog, I think it should wrap up somehow. For example, I read one article that mentioned something like not ending a conclusion. You have said all that is needed. I disagree with that. Personally, to me the blog would feel unfinished. At least, ask a question or (call to action). Besides, it is kind of fun to create a question and ask for an opinion from an audience.

  4. Hi Matt,
    Great blog. I have trouble with ending any of my posts online. I often go with the summary method, but sometimes I can get a little out of hand with that so I decide to end with a question to keep it short.

    • Thank you Bekah. Yes, conclusions could be difficult. Despite all my years of writing reports. I still struggle because sometimes the conclusion sounds to much like the the entire blog. In fact, I had to re-edit the conclusion a few times because it sounded to similar to the rest of the blog. May be as I become more comfortable with blogging I will experiment more however, for this class, I wanted to keep mine all relatively, uniform in format since if i decided to take more social media courses in the near future, I will at least have blogs to reference if required.

  5. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for outlining some different options to concluding a blog! I think deciding on how to wrap up a blog can be a bit of challenge for many blog writers.

    Which conclusion approach one uses most likely comes down to personal preference and also what the goals and objectives are for the blog. Similar to what Shaylee mentioned in her comment above, I also like to end my blog with a call to action or a question. I enjoy reading the opinions and comments of others and feel it’s an important aspect of blogging. But if a blog doesn’t allow comments, it’s maybe not the best choice for an ending. A blog with the goal to inform or educate, on the other hand, may be better suited to a summary or even a link to another blog post.

    No matter the style of conclusion one chooses, it is certainly an import element for any blog. I find it jarring and disappointing when a blog just sort of ends with nothing to tie things together or without providing the pivotal “so what” of the content.

    • Thank you Michelle. That is my thinking as well, that if it is an informative blog than may be it should have a structured finishing summary, or a link to another blog post to provide additional information. Also, I hate how some blogs just end but from what I read so far, their is no “rule” against it but not a method I would use personally, because it leaves a “cliff hangar” or might make a blog seem unprofessional due to laziness possibly.

  6. Hey Matt

    I am becoming a fan of yours.
    This was another great blog. Thanks.

    I enjoy concluding a blog in summary style, but also love to ask a question to perhaps get further engagement or food for thought that the reader could share.

    Can’t wait for your next blog.

    • Thank you. If you want like to see the next one please click the hyperlink that says, “Social Media: Fix These Mistakes!” Above.

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