What Happened On My Last Vacation

Traveling is one of the greatest things in life. Not only do you get the chance to see amazing landscapes but you also get the chance to know the population in dept. Each continent feels like a completely new world.

Due to the pandemic, my last vacation was in January 2019. With mostly no sleep, me and 20 other people left the country to go to Cayo Santa Maria at exactly 5 in the morning. The group consisted of me, my family & some friends and we went there to celebrate my parents 10th years wedding anniversary. Our vacation started on a really good note. We got the chance to see the sunset directly in the air. It was one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen in my life for sure.

Our view when we were in the air

We landed 4 hours later and got through all the security, which was really stressful. You need to go through curtains as if you are entering a completely different world except, someone is waiting for you on the other side. They start interrogating and taking pictures of you as if you are a criminal. At that moment, I felt like I did something illegal and I got caught. This was a feeling I will never forget for sure.

After that scary moment, we got inside the bus that was driving us to our Hotel and that’s when the best vacation of my life started.  We drove directly in the city where the population lived. We got the chance to see their houses that was really small and all falling apart. The thing that got me the most was that even if they had almost nothing, everyone there had a smile on their face. At first, I felt bad for them because I knew they didn’t get the chance to have all that we have. But later, I realized that they are probably happier with what they have than we do. We often forget that not everyone has a roof on their head or even have food accessible everywhere. Yet, they are all happier than most of us.

A view of one of the cities we drove through

After spending our second day on the beach, we were all a little bit tired but we knew it wasn’t the end of our day. While the sun was slowly going down and we were all enjoying a drink by the beach, a couple that was with us got engaged right in front of us. Just imagine the sun reflecting on the calm water with the sound of the waves. This was definitely out of a fairy-tale.

A view from the beach of our hotel

On our fifth day, we decided to celebrate my parent’s anniversary. As a Christmas gifts, me and my sisters bought an activity for them. But, we couldn’t let them go alone so, we all went with them. At around 4pm we left the resort to go on a catamaran to watch the sunset directly from there. This was, once again, one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Let me tell you, we were really lucky with the sunsets during this vacation! So, after that incredible experience, we went to the dolphinarium & ate lobsters there. While we were waiting for our food, my mom and my sister had a couple of drinks. They started arguing about something and both of them were crying. My sister’s boyfriend asked his friend to start filming, got up and started talking. We were all really confused because we didn’t know what was happening. Him and my sister celebrated their 5 years anniversary as well on that exact day so, we thought he was going to talk about that. But, the unexpected happened. He got down on one knee and proposed to my sister. Everyone in the room was watching what was happening. When she said yes (still crying but not for the same reason), everyone in the room cheered and yelled “she said yes!”. We were all really surprised because he kept the ring with him all week and told no one.

A view of the sunset on the catamaran

On our sixth day, we went to a pretty classy restaurant on the resort. I think it was Italian food but I’m not totally sure. All I know is that it was really good. My dad’s sister (she’s my half-sister), asked the workers to put his music on since we were the only group left in the restaurant. They agreed and after we ate, we started dancing. The funny thing is that the workers didn’t mind and actually started dancing with us. In my family we are all French so, we started to show them some French music & they showed us some Spanish music. We definitely had a great time, the workers there are definitely the sweetest. We all felt like they were becoming our friends and we didn’t want to leave them to come back home.

On our last day, we went again to the same restaurant but we didn’t plan to stay all the evening because we had to leave the resort at 3 in the morning the next day. But, when we were, once again, the only group in the restaurant, they closed the curtains & started to play some music. They wanted to party again with us since they don’t have that opportunity really often. So, even if we knew we wouldn’t get that much sleep, we stayed until midnight and made sure to enjoy every bit of it. When it was time, we made our goodbyes even if we were really sad about it.

This vacation definitely taught me a lot. It taught me to be grateful for every little thing I thought was normal to have, like the chance to have a house that isn’t falling apart and to enjoy every moment in life. Some people don’t want to go there because the food isn’t the greatest but the experience is worth more than that. You realize a lot of things when you go there and you become more grateful of everything you have.

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