COMM0014 – Blog #1: In Need Of A Vacation After This Vacation…

What’s that old saying? Fail to plan & plan to fail? Perhaps applicable to some of life’s endeavors but not when traveling, not when traveling with kids & certainly not when traveling internationally for the first time with your spouse because regardless of planning/not, it proves futile. Our last family vacation was our first family vacation & in all honesty, probably our last unless we take separate planes, trains & automobiles. I thought researching & planning was crucial if we wanted our ten days in the Gulf to be smooth sailing so, I researched, planned, wrote lists & cross referenced those lists with a master list. 

<Insert Murphy’s Law here 😑> 

This is how the trip rolled out ↴

  • Break toe knuckle days prior, require a walking boot for enjoyable walks on beach ✔
  • Arrive at hotel where ‘park & fly’ has been paid for only to find out the reservation agent has no clue that isn’t available & now have to find somewhere to leave truck, return playpen/other unnecessary items and walk back to hotel before 5 am departure ✔
  • Decide it’s necessary to bring three year old’s car seat because who knows the history of rental ones 😕 ✔
  • Buy expensive wheely thing to easily transport said car seat to departure gate only to find out it has to be checked, & will cost extra – naturally
  • Briefly recall scenes from Home Alone when three year old takes off after ‘Dad’ ✔
  • Finally accept that beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to flight times & then miss connecting flight due to delays ✔
  • Realize at this point that you’re not travel compatible with husband ✔ 
  • Woo, arrive – so late your car rental has been given away & they’re trying to have one brought to you…at 11 pm ✔
  • Woo, upgraded to massive SUV…only to realize car seat is MIA, given sketchy rental one ✔
  • Woo, first morning on the beach…wake up to a tornado alert ✔
  • Only pack a swimsuit for one child, requiring dad & youngest to swim in their underwear ✔
  • Purchase (expensive) tickets to set sail on a pirate ship & experience life at sea, hoping to bring a smile to pirate obsessed, three year old’s face ✔ (linked here ↓)
Buccaneer Pirate Cruise

  • Regret decision within minutes as said child hides in the galley the entire time ✔
  • Prepare to fly home where we had some minor things to attend to, like jobs, just to have flight inexplicably cancelled at 4 am ✔
  • Find flights for the next day, get detained because your walking boot swabbed positive for explosives ✔
  • Woo, finally arrive at Pearson…truck’s dead, it’s -20 & the lot attendant has to literally drive into your truck so the booster cables reach  – next time, reverse in ✔ 
  • Finally sit down in your living room at the end of it all, turn the news on to find out there’s a global virus heading your way ✔ 

So tell me, how was your first family vacation? Sign below to petition for a redo ↓

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