COM0015. Ears to the Ground-are you listening?

Over the course of this Social Media program, we have learned the value of listening. Listening is an important skill if you are running a business and using social media. Currently I am not running a business but I enjoy seeing what is happening and trending. I like using Google Trends and Google Alerts as they are free and easy to use. If I am researching a topic, I like setting up several Google Alerts to my inbox so I can filter out which articles and blogs I am interested in reading.

I also loved using Brand24 for a previous course as it gave really in-depth insights. The struggle with many of the listening tools is they offer trials or free versions that are watered down versions of the real deal. Although they give a taste they are not as effective. For example, they will give some metrics but block or hide others unless you shell out the moolah. Prices also range all over the place from $50 a month to $500 a month. Until I am working as a consultant or in a paid position doing social media, I’ll keep playing with the free versions.

As for news, that’s another challenge. Getting accurate and non biased news is difficult through social media. We all saw The Social Dilemma and learned about how every click curates our view of the world in social media. As silly as it sounds, I like scrolling through TikTok to see what is trending. Surprising you can find some interesting takes on what is happening in the world. One must be mindful of what you are watching but often points of interest have lead to doing further research outside of social media.

TikTok is a great source if you use Instagram as a marketing tool for your business. Generally, what trends on TikTok will start trending on Instagram Reels shortly after. Reels are extremely popular right now as a marketing tool. Instagram is heavily favoring Reels as a bid to compete against TikTok. If Reels are part of your marketing tool kit then doing research on TikTok will be essential.

What is your favorite listening tool? What do you think of TikTok as a source of news?

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2 thoughts on “COM0015. Ears to the Ground-are you listening?

  1. Hi Carly!

    You pose an interesting question about TikTok being a news source. I personally would have a hard time trusting TikTok as a trustworthy news source. However, people may have initially thought that about Twitter and now is an extremely trustworthy source of news and weather.
    Maybe TikTok is the future of news distribution!

  2. Hi Carly

    I also find some of the analytics tools for social media sites a little expensive and the free analytics tools are limited to what you can do. it would be nice it there were a analytics tool that the cost are subsidize by the company and the social media sites facebook, twitter and instagram.

    I find that instagram is a great marketing tool that I can find out about other companies or other people that I would never know about in I didn’t see their ad or created content on instagram.
    I am not on Tiktok I imagine the same as instagram.

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