Personal Reflection.

By: Aydan Ruddick.

Throughout this course, the importance of storytelling was outlined to me in ways I had not previously seen. What I once thought of as an important vessel for topics such as non-fiction, has now become an apparent marketing tactic to carry me through the ages. Outlining our publics, and what they expect from us is of the utmost importance. Learning how to successfully analyze, and connect with key publics of all age ranges is something that I will carry out into all that I do. 

Stories draw people in and hold them. The proficiency of storytelling within any media specialist is an invaluable skill based around historic evidence of what draws people in, and more importantly what holds them. The stories I want to tell are ones of artistic greatness, inherent skill and creativity fleshed out through my words and onto the page. These will be meant to inspire, and ring in our audience as through and through supporters of my work. I will transfer the skills learned in this course into everything I do from here on out, and tell vivid stories that utilize my skills in all I do. These real world applicable skill sets will help me in my journey from student to business executive.

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