Blog #6 – COMM0014


By: Aydan Ruddick

The essence of who I am, and what I do boils down to a few key factors. I am an avid writer, able to capture the essence of moments within a plethora of words. This falls in line with my two streams of business; blogging and marketing. Initially for blogging, having this skill proves  extremely effective when formulating eye-catching and powerful posts. I am a music blogger, meaning a majority of my content is music related, and having a skill like this allows me to go in depth on the technicalities of said music I’m reviewing. 

Me and a monk whilst I was on a retreat in Thailand.

These career paths, and subsequent choices regarding them have been in play for a multitude of years. Ever since I was young I’ve been surrounded by music, art, and all things of that sort. This influenced me in profound ways, pushing me to adopt a philosophy around life’s meaning and its direct connection to all forms of art. The creative cycle that we commonly find ourselves in is one of complete peace, a peace that I search for in all I do. Being able to honour art, and look into as that of music is what fuels me to do the work I do. Showing this grandiose appreciation for all forms of art in the way of portraying it through another form of art is an inherent honor. My career path is an ode to my younger self, and the environment that made me who I am today.

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