Com0014-Blog #5-Personal Branding

In this day and age personal branding is a vital aspect of our professional image.  Our personal brand is something that is ever changing and evolving.  As we build our knowledge and skills our brand grows like a living being.  Adaptability and embracing the evolution of ourselves are the keys to a successful personal branding strategy. 

I am a resourceful visual communications specialist and inquisitive learner. Growing and developing in the field of advocacy, adaptation and positive change.  I bring two decades of experience working in diverse cultural environments. My colleagues have described me as a strong ,empathetic and inspiring leader, approaching every interaction with genuine kindness and integrity.

Building on my passion for equality. I am exploring the field of advocacy by making connections and learning about the cultures and traditions of the First Nations of Canada. Through volunteering, attending events(all virtually right now), joining in the conversations and asking questions, I hope to build trust and partnerships that will give me the opportunity to be a supportive voice for reconciliation and positive change.

Social Media plays an integral roll in my personal brand.  The various platforms give limitless potential to converse and learn from people that share my passion across the country.  I know there will be people that do not share these views and values of empathy and understanding.  Approaching those that are opposed to my message with openness, will allow the opportunity to learn from them and helping me refine my strategy as it evolves.  

The goal of my personal brand is to cultivate a fulfilling life, one that creates space to learn from the past and build a foundation for the future filled with diversity, empathy, and equality. For myself and those that I have the opportunity to connect with. If I can play even a small role and reach a handful of people educating them to the issues and injustices that the First Nations people have endured and continue to face, I will consider myself successful.  

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