COM0014 – Blog # 5: Personal Brand

My YouTube channel Chance4 Healthy Hair is my personal brand. Some of my characteristics that have set me apart from my competitors are my motivation to educate my viewers.

I have also provided my target audience with the information and encouragement to practise healthy hair care.

Recently the things I have done to stand out from my competitors are ensuring that my videos are of great quality and that they are straight to the point.

These changes have made a huge difference since most Youtube viewers don’t have the time to watch poor-quality or run-on videos.

Of late, I have also been engaging with my target audience more frequently than I did before.

My increase in interactions has allowed me to become a more familiar face within my target audience.

I believe that my colleagues would say my best trait is my organizational skills. I have always been able to find a way to organizes every and anything.

I am most proud of my positive outlook in life. Regardless of the situation, I am always able to find the light in the darkness.

Having a positive outlook has allowed me to help people see that they are not stuck in situations.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I have used my positive outlook to comfort family and friends throughout these difficult times.

I am proud that I have been able to assist my family and friends who have tested positive with Covid-19. I have done so by purchasing and delivering groceries for them as needed.

I am pleased that my family and friends continue to turn to me to help them see the positive sides of things.

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