COMM0014- Blog Post #5- Personal Brand- This is me.

A Personal Brand is a unique trademark that captures the essence of an individual. Derived from personal experiences, genetics and the environment. This magical potion becomes your fingerprint that can leave an impression more recognizable then your name.

SUPPORTIVE LEADER WITH IMMPECCABLE PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS WITH KEEN ATTENTION TO DETAIL Planned a coast to coast Canadian family vacation for 6, which included an all access pass to the National Track and Field Championships where her daughter competed.

CREATIVE MIND AND SOFT HEART FOR ALL LIVING THINGS– turned 10 acre property into full fledged hobby farm complete with alpacas, sheep, chickens, ducks, dog, cats and lizards.

TEAM PLAYER WITH BUSINESS INTELLECT AND CALM AND COLLECTED DEMEANOR Shareholder in a family owned consulting business that requires working with husband 24/7

DARING AND UP FOR A CHALLENGE– Singlehandedly flew on a 3 hour flight with 2 children under 3 yrs. on Bearskin Airlines.

My Personal Brand helps define the person that I am. By displaying my blog this way, I hope it is apparent that my true light shines through.


Lisa Grunys- proud Mom of 4, with a quirky sense of humour.

Please feel free to share your accomplishments and tell me your favourite quality that makes you stand out in a crowd. I’d love to get to know you and celebrate the special person you are.

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