COM0014 – Blog #6 – Do People Know your Story? – Secret Wish

A bit of background

I’ve worked a lot of contracts in various businesses over the years. The one that I’d like to talk about in this blog post is when I worked as an Instructor for an organization that takes youth on wilderness canoe trips.

The article by Danielle Cohen, Why Kids Need to Spend Time in Nature, discusses a number of benefits to kids, including building confidence, teaching them responsibility, and making them think. I’ve seen this happen over and over again where an adolescent is unsure about themselves, and then as they gain knowledge and new skills their confidence and self-esteem also grows. They start out not knowing how to paddle a canoe or read a map, and end up leading the whole group for a day!

We also teach the students how to bring that new-found confidence and ability to think things through back to their life at home.

What is my secret wish for my business?

My secret wish is that all students have to take a course in the wilderness and that it eventually becomes the most normal thing ever in our society!

I wish that there were the resources to pay for each student to go on the course. To add to that further, I wish there was the budget to make sure they had the personal gear they needed to stay happy and safe. Some items would include:

  • rain boots
  • running shoes
  • warm clothes
  • flashlight
  • bug repellent
  • sun hat
  • personal water bottle

The reality is that many people, including the students and their parents, think of the wilderness as a scary place and wouldn’t choose to go! But, once the students are there with the facilitators and participate in the step-by-step instruction, they will learn new things and benefit greatly. I know they will experience positive lessons and gain the confidence that will last a lifetime.

Have you done something scary…

… and then realized afterwards that you learned a lot, and in the end were glad you did it?

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