More Than Games!

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I have taken the social media program to help me as a supervisor. Because my team each have a territory that is unique, I like to encourage ownership of their territory, almost like a franchise. Their role is to help clients, recruit new clients and develop referral partnerships with organizations that work with individuals who would find our services to be of value.

            Social media is obviously a very important tool for my team – they all have some level of social media experience, and they all use social media to one degree or another. They all use Facebook, and for most of them, that is all they use. they feel limited with time, and so are focusing their time on using Facebook effectively. Some of my team are venturing past Facebook into using Instagram and LinkedIn. All of this I expected, and I even predicted who would use what – I know my team and how they use their time well.

            But one of my team, a newer member, surprised me. He asked if he could use Discord. I did not expect this at all – my only real knowledge of Discord is that it is the platform my teenager plays Dungeons and Dragons on! My first instinct was to say no, ask why he couldn’t use the same tools as everyone else. I couldn’t accept the idea of stifling one of my team in something that they felt would be of value though, so instead, I asked him why Discord would be a good choice. I learned a lot!

            My team member explained how he could use Discord to invite referral sources to join him on the server, where he could provide information to them about our services and new programs and information we develop. He also would set up text based channels to post info on specific topics that would be relevant. Finally, he explained ow it would make referrals easier for our partners.

Even though the idea of using Discord was completely unexpected to me, my team member laid out his reasoning so well, that I decided to approve the request. I did have a couple of caveats, as his supervisor, of course. Number one was that he open it to clients as well as contacts – his original proposal was for contacts only. If it has as much potential as he thinks it does, it should include clients as well, as that is our end goal, to get more clients. That was my second caveat, that he set up a tracker of his choice, to be able to measure how effective using Discord is – how many new clients does it provide?

            He has recently set it up, and has begun using it. I am very eager to see what the results are, and very happy that even though there was something out there I didn’t expect, my team is always eager to find new ideas and solutions!

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