COM0014 – Blog #5: Personal Brand 

I do not own a company, but I do take writing commissions in my spare time. I enjoy writing and creating something new and fresh, my writing style and way with words help me stand out from my competitors in this field. I am a prompt and polite responder, I keep my replies professional and yet I manage to remain personable and I can connect with my clients. They come to me because they enjoy my style of writing and creative ideas. They know I can take a simple idea and spin a world around it with just my words. 

I always do my best to ensure that my writing is up to the standard that I hold myself to when I am writing a paid piece of work. I make sure to clarify and run any new ideas by the client to make sure that they are fine with the changes I think of and if not then those changes can be easily scrapped. I lay out my ground rules in a clear conscience way and I am always willing to bend and twist to make sure that my clients are happy. With this method, I am slowly building up a solid if yet small customer base that comes back almost monthly that has spawned from the free pieces of writing I post online to expand my fanbase. 

One thought on “COM0014 – Blog #5: Personal Brand 

  1. Hello Kimberly,
    That is great to know that you have built up a solid clientele from the free pieces that you have posted.
    It very much sounds like you give your customers a great deal of value through your professional and personal approach. They are lucky that you take the time to run any changes by them. I’ve worked with writers in the past that have not been so accommodating and it is very frustrating!
    All the best in building up your business!

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