Com0011: Blog # 4 Do you think like a Mother?

We are bombarded daily with so much negative information and traumatic events happening across the globe. Potentially causing us as individuals to feel impotent in effecting any real change. Knowing what to do to manage or work through these challenging times can often be overwhelming causing stress and anxiety, being up against what feels like insurmountable odds. But, what would happen if we take the advice of Yifat Susskind and ask ourselves one question. What would a mother do?

I believe that as individuals we have so many ways to spread the positive messages and generous gestures of the mother mindset. Taking the time out of our daily grind to connect with a friend that we haven’t spoken to in ages. Noticing and offering to help, when an elderly neighbour might needed a helping hand with the snow in their driveway. Offering to take your friends kids to the park for an hour so she can sit and drink a cup of coffee before it gets cold. On a broader scale we can share stories of mothering behaviours we experience or see in our daily lives on social media. Changing the script is completely in our control when it comes to “thinking like a mother”(Yafit Susskind). We must celebrate seemingly insignificant moments in our lives. Perhaps it’s the barista at your local coffee shop that greets you with a smile every morning. Somehow they always remember your order when you walk in. Sending out a quick instagram message recognizing what a great job they’re doing or simply leaving a bigger tip a few times a week. I know that seems so small and we could easily question the point of that gesture. What if, that instagram caught the attention of just two friends and they went to the same coffee shop because you recommended it. Then two more friends of those friends, a cascade happens. That barista gets recognized by their manager, they get a raise, they get more grateful customers which naturally translates to more tips..earning enough money to get their college tuition paid. How significant would that seemingly insignificant gesture on your part be to that barista? As those small acts grow we can gain the confidence and strength to take action on bigger issue that our world is facing. All the information that we receive on a daily basis through social networks doesn’t have to be of pain, suffering and loss. We have the power to change that.

My take away from this Ted Talk was the reminder to live life with a greater purpose, with a positive energy in everything we do. Allowing our thoughts and actions to serve our immediate community and by extension our global community. As Yifat Susskind said “plant a seed, a different seed and cultivate what you want to see grow.” Building our legacy of greater tolerance and a peaceful world, one small gesture at a time. How can you plant the seeds of change in your life? How will you…”think like a mother?”

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