Social Media Trends – Which Ones are Worth Following?

If you have been active on social media for a long period of time, you have probably seen the rise and fall of different trends. things such as #TBT (Throw back Thursday) or ASL Ice Bucket Challenge have been a few we have seen burst into popularity and fade away as less popular. So in 2021 what trends should we be following to make the most of our social media engagement?


Instagram stories were introduced in august of 2016 and since then Twitter and Facebook have followed in creating their own 24 hours content creation platforms. Stories are still a growing trend as people find new ways to promote themselves, their business, and their content in new and interesting ways. With features such as writing, Drawing, gifs, stickers and geotagging this 24 hour content is fun, engaging and keeps viewers wanting more. In 2021 stories will continue to be a trend worth implementing in your social media use

Natasha Srivastava – Instagram stories; UX Challenges


Video content is a newer feature than stories but becoming more popular. Live videos and short looping videos like TikTok’s and Reels are becoming valued content on social media. Brands are prioritizing video content over written content as it quickly catches viewers attention and keeps them engaged with the brands content and page longer. we will likely see more apps creating their own version of TikTok just as Instagram has done. Utilizing video creation is a trend that will become highly valued and be a larger portion of content on social media in 2021.

Matt Schlicht – The Complete Beginners Guide to TikTok.

These types of content creation are holding viewers attention more than anything and becoming the features that are at the forefront of each social app. In utilizing these two feature in 2021 you will be using two of the best trends worth following to help boost your business account or personal brand.

Two Social Media Posts

Twitter: Make the most of your social media accounts in 2021, in my new blog I break down the best trends to follow.

Facebook: Are you unsure which trends you should be using for your business content or personal brand? I give you the two top 2021 trends worth following to make the most of your content creation. Check it out in my blog this week.


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