Building a smaller, dedicated audience on social media


In the world of social media, there’s sometimes too much of a focus around the number of followers you have, and that you can’t be successful with a smaller, dedicated audience. I’m here to argue the point that you can, and thoughts to consider, even without several hundred thousand or a million plus followers. I’ll discuss how to connect with your core audience, and the term micro-influencer.

How to connect with your core audience

Regardless of the size of your reach, your focus should be around providing value through your products or services, and building that connection with your core audience. This way, you’ll be creating trust and a solid relationship with them, resulting in chances of having more repeat business, and growing organically through avenues like word of mouth. Being recognized for what you do very well, along with strong, personal referrals, goes a long way in creating opportunities and fostering lasting business relationships that will potentially bring you more in the future.

For a personal example, a close friend of mine shared a screenshot from her business insights, which speaks volumes to the points above. She has an audience of just under 2000 followers on Instagram, yet her returning customer rate is 32% from Shopify purchases. She’s built a dedicated following with a core audience, and interacts consistently with those that recognize the value in what she provides through her products and services.

For a larger sample size, I researched the average returning customer rate through this article from Little Stream Software. Shopify reports 27% is a good baseline comparison. This provides a concrete example that you can be successful and above the grade average with a smaller, core audience.

One further point is interacting with your audience on a consistent basis. Through comments in your posts, story sticker questions, and direct messages, you’ll gain valuable insights into what they’re interested in, and why. You’ll be able to offer them a voice, and give them opportunities to share their own experiences with you. This is important to remember, especially with a smaller audience.


Micro-influencers typically might only have a few thousand followers, but they still provide a significant amount of value, and persuade others in their choices. In this article from Sophia Bernazzani, she discusses how a brand sets up a partnership with these individuals, in order to help build trust amongst the brand’s audience. Micro-influences normally work in specialized or niche environments, and post on social media in regards to what interests them. You can certainly see the benefits of what value this would bring to both parties. The micro-influencer is likely perceived in a positive light, and the smaller brand creates that trusted connection with their core audience.


In conclusion, I believe it’s possible to be successful with a smaller, dedicated audience. Set your focus to what provides value through your products and services, and consistently connect with your audience through presented opportunities. When possible, use the advantage of partnering with like-minded individuals to further build that trust amongst your audience, whether it’s 300 or 3000 followers. In the end, you’re more likely to continually reach the goals you set out to accomplish and grow your business organically.

Are you finding success with your smaller audience?

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2 thoughts on “Building a smaller, dedicated audience on social media

  1. Thank you for sharing. It was a pleasure to read. I agree with you completely. Being true to your core values, showing up with respect and authenticity is paramount. Having a small following of the right people has so much more value in the long run.


  2. Hi Jemma,

    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog. Hope you’re enjoying the course! These blogs have been really fun to write and share some of my thoughts.


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