Has Social Media Created Viral Monsters?

The increased popularity of social media has caused many users to crave attention. The need for attention has grown tremendously, throughout all social media platforms.

Social media users crave attention so much that they are posting content with the hopes of going viral. If you are unfamiliar with the term going viral, it means content that spreads rapidly online within a short period of time.

In today’s society, everyone likes the idea of being famous. As there is no full-proof formula to go viral, social media users try to post original out-of-the-ordinary content. Going viral to social media users it’s like hitting the lottery. At the end of the day going viral really comes down to chance.

When creating content for social media, the greatest achievement is posting something that goes viral. If you go viral, it may be due to one of two things. Either somebody caught you at the right time or you created a post that went viral.

Everyone wants to stand out and get their 15 mins of fame. This need for fame has caused people to do dangerous and risky things.

An example of this is Tessica Brown, better- known as Gorilla Glue Girl. She went viral as a result of consciously using Gorilla Glue in her hair because she ran out of hairspray.

After using the gorilla glue, she was unable to remove it from her hair for over 30 days. Tessica posted a video on Tik Tok, asking for suggestions on how to remove the glue from her hair. I remember, seeing this video online. I thought that her actions were very stupid and careless.

After watching this video for a second time, I had a great concern for her health. This viral video, had me following along to see what would be the outcome. After seeing Tessica’s viral video, Dr. Michael Obeng offered to remove the Gorilla Glue from her hair free of charge.

Another example of someone going viral is Jeremy Meeks, better known as the Hot Felon. He went viral after his mug shot was posted on Facebook by the police department showing the progress of gun violence arrest. His photo soon gained a lot of traction due to his model-like features.

While Jeremy was in prison, his life changed forever. Within days of Jeremy’s photo going viral, he began to receive numerous fan mail and work contracts. After serving his prison sentence Jeremy signed a modelling contract and was in 5 movies in 10 months. Jeremy’s story is a perfect example of going viral by chance.

Do you believe that people go viral by chance Or by opportunity? Comment below and let me know.

Check out @cwright44’s blog post on@WordPress https://bit.ly/3fGuN3n on Has Social Media Created Viral Monsters?

Has Social Media Created Viral Monsters? Check out my WordPress blog https://bit.ly/3fGuN3n To learn about how social media users strive to go viral.

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