Com0014-Blog #2-Reflections on wk 2 Learnings. Be Obsessed with Your People!

When it comes to storytelling, communication styles and encouraging interaction with the audience being authentic,concise and empathetic is the best way to gain trust and build your social media identity.

Influencing people’s decisions is a privilege that should not be taken lightly. Through genuine and candid posts. Giving credit to those that help you and support you. As well as owning up to a mistake when it happens, all lay a solid foundation in building trusted relationships with your audience. Being able to adjust and flex the style of you communications will extend the reach of your messaging as well.

Always remember the importance of investing in the relationship with your audience by asking for their input and suggestions. Regardless of the tone of that feedback taking timely action is vital for the longevity of that relationship. Followers/customers deserve to be heard and acknowledged. They want their feedback to be seen as important and taking action on that feedback is critical.

I have to take a page from my years in fashion retail when it comes to digital communication. Being customer obsessed or in this case audience obsessed is the best way to build a loyal following and cultivate a long, productive and hopefully inspiring relationship.

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