Strive for your dreams

We are not alive if we stop dreaming

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(WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton repeats call to delete Facebook, 2019, March 19)

In 2009, the young American “Brian Acton”, who used to work as a programmer in the “Yahoo” company, decided to go to work in the “Facebook” company, which was still a new startup company. Brian is a young man who always thinks out of the box and comes up with brilliant ideas. he had a good position in the “Yahoo” company, but with a look that knows how to read the future based on the data in front of him, he would have seen that the crazy ideas in his brain are more appropriate for “Facebook”, the company that he is confident that the future will be for it! He presented his ideas and explained them extensively. Did they accept him? .. No, On the contrary, their response to him was entirely absurd, and they said his ideas were too futuristic. He wrote a tweet on his Twitter account in which he said: “Facebook turned me down … looking forward to life’s next adventure.” ..(Acton, B., 2009, August 03). He met one of his friends, a programmer like him, and he offered him his crazy idea. They start to work on the idea of Brian for Months until it came to light and turned the world! .. “WhatsApp”! .. Brian and his colleague were the ones who made “WhatsApp”. In 2014, “Facebook” communicates with Brian to buy “WhatsApp” from him … They asked him; how much do you want? , Brian asked for 22 billion dollars and indicated that about 5 years ago you would have taken it from me for free if You employed me with you, so for now you should pay as much as I wanted. They gave him the money he wanted, do you think he would take the money and sit in his house? … No …

Because he was the one who worked on “WhatsApp”, so he knew that there were some privacy problems with it. he locked on himself for a couple of years, then he came up with a new surprise.  What is it? .. Signal application, which the whole world has been running on now and downloaded because it is safer than WhatsApp and because all the defects and problems of privacy have been avoided in it!

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As long as we are talking about the technology, let’s say that in 1997, Cisco appointed a Chinese engineer who was still a new immigrant to America named Eric Yuan. He was working with great effort and without any boredom or laziness .. for how long? .. 14 years, he had a dazzling idea about a program through which people would make online meetings between them. He came to the director of Cisco and brought up the program to him but unfortunately, the director categorically refused.  

Eric resigned and locked himself with some other engineers who believed in him and began working on his idea. what do you think they called it ?? They called it Zoom, so today it is almost the only program that most people relied on when the Corona happened, and its marketing value reached 48 billion dollars! …

Why??? because one person insisted on an idea that was in his brain, has self-confidence, and the presence of someone who believes in him.

Lots of people stop their attempts after several failure experiences, If you fail, get up, fight and strive for your dreams. “In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.” — Drew Barrymore

(Zoom company story: How ERIC Yuan Defeated skype.

(Helfand-Rogers, C. (2020, January 7). 9 Motivational Quotes From Famous Women Entrepreneurs.)

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