COM0014 – Blog #2: The Birth of a Blogger

…”And, so, we had to drag the body out through the back yard.”

That sentence was at the top of a multi-page letter my brother sent me years ago. Of course, I flipped back to the bottom of the previous page to see if I’d missed something fairly significant! Maybe I was just giving it a superficial read, as mentioned in Brian Clark‘s How to Read article (not that I knew that term then … just learned about it!). But, no, of course he was playing a trick and the next line said something along the line of ‘fishing me in’. The joke certainly kept me engaged and I felt closer to my brother, like he was in the same room with me bantering back and forth.

So, I’ve been remembering the importance of storytelling in my life and seeing the relevance in today’s digital communications. I’ve also been reflecting this week on how much I miss creative writing. I hadn’t done it in so long that I vaguely assumed that I had lost the talent entirely. Now, I’m actually thinking of continuing with a blog! A week ago, I barely had blogs on my radar at all and couldn’t tell you if they were even a thing anymore.

Spark of creativity

It is amazing the unexpected things that light a spark in our lives. Maybe you remember a time when something out of the blue motivated you to do something you forgot you knew how to do? Or, encouraged you to start something brand new? Let me know about it!

Who knows, the stories we tell may light a spark in someone else’s life!

Here’s a little fire to remind us of the spark that is in all of us.

Image by Debra Beauregard; outdoor fireplace in the backyard; 2020

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