Post 7: How this Course Helped Me

I’m going to be honest. I came into this course blind and not knowing what to expect. However as this course went on, it helped me to develop my writing and the overall understanding of everything I have learned over the last two years of my post secondary career. Being in Public Relations (PR), I have been told time and time again that it’s all about relationship and developing campaigns and aiming to project to a specific audience, businesses, organizations, and markets.

Digital content is so important, especially in these times being in Covid where a lot of our communication is online and through social media. Content can be guided by story by an author giving in depth and thorough detail on the story and not leaving details out.

The stories I want to tell is totally different than what others want to tell. My passion for agriculture and wanting to promote locally grown foods is something I will never lose and will want to promote. I am so grateful for all the experience I have been given over the last year and will take everything I have learned from this course and be able to use it in my PR career.  

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