Post 5: Telling My Story

I am notorious for being known as the person who can’t say no. I have the thought of I just need to help people. And sometimes this is what gets me into binds, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy being organized and helping other be the best they can be. I have been told so many times that it is a problem of mine, that I can’t say no. I have been told that I need to stop helping people. That’s not me. I need to help people and be involved with everything going on.

With every piece of work I do or compose or really anything I do. I have to make sure every thought I have, everything I’m writing or saying, is true and that I can back it up by facts or something I can do. The success of anything I do (ie. Planning a fundraiser) is how I measure myself to be successful. If the event was a complete flop, I would just take a day and re-evaluate everything.

Creating lists of everything I need to make sure I do or tasks I need to prioritize before a specific deadline is something that just helps to keep me aligned and on track with being productive and successful, believe me when I say that no one should see my day planner – it’s a mess….

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