In February, for Black History Month, I attended an event on Micro-aggressions (no link unfortunately as it was a closed event in the workplace). I choose to attend this event because I organized it but also because I understand the importance of education and networking with people that can make changes in the workplace. My goal was to shed light on micro-aggressions and help people challenge their own unknown biases by networking and making connections.

Photo by Keira Burton on Pexels.com

During the MS Teams online event, I was not sure of all the attendees roll within the organization but knew there would be various levels of management in attendance. My goal was to interact with anyone who was open to dialogue and in a position of influence, director or managers to be particular.

 I learned that people want to   different topics about black issues, but they are very hesitant to speak up out of fear of offending or by saying the wrong thing. I was enriched with the understanding that my ability to share a truthful story, in a calm open setting, people were more inclined to approach me to enlighten themselves on sensitive topics.

I am walking away with the understanding that there are people that want to do better and change but they are looking for a connection that will provide them with space to learn.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

I walked away with the empowerment to step out of my comfort zone and proposed revers mentoring to the Diversity Champion for senior management. When the proposal was sent the Champion asked me to be her mentor on the spot. As we continue our mentorship relationship the goal is to then branch off and invite other senior managers to take part.

During the event this quote was shared with us.

“One’s reputation, false or true,

can’t be hammered, hammered,

hammered into one’s head without

doing something to one’s character”(Gordon W. Allport).

It’s so important to look at things form anthers point of view.

In order to undusted the need and allow myself to network with like minded people, I look forward to the next event where I can do this.

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